Homeschool Classes

We provide hands-on science activities for your homeschool group at your location. Students working at Kindergarten to 5th grade levels will be engaged in science lessons structured to teach observation-making, data recording and critical thinking. We encourage students to make a hypothesis based on their own knowledge and experience, and then test their hypothesis. Classes are designed for individual and small group work with a maximum of 15 students/class. Mixed ages within the class allow older students to take on a leadership role while working in small groups. A variety of scientific topics are available and we can create or enhance lessons to fit the interests of the students in your homeschool group. Pricing for homeschool classes are $80/child for 10 week sessions.


In-Class School Workshops

If you are wanting to enhance your classroom’s science lessons, Scientific Mayhem can help you! All of our homeschool lessons can be easily adapted for use in a classroom setting of up to 25 students. The whole class will have a great learning experience diving into the science subject of your choice. In-class workshops are $60/class for 45 minutes of exciting science activities.


Private tutoring for any age (kindergarten to 12th grade and undergraduate college level) is available for $15/hr.  If your child is struggling in chemistry, biology or physics, Scientific Mayhem can help.  We provide one-on-one tutoring or small group tutoring at your convenience.  We come to your home or other location and work with your student so they will be successful in class.  Test-taking help, homework help, or just general “Mom, I don’t get it!!” help.

Scientific Method

What is the Scientific Method?  How do scientists use it every day?  We will explore what it means to use the scientific method to solve a problem.  Hands-on experimentation is the only way to go!!

Measuring Metrics

Scientists need to observe, measure and record.  In this class we will learn about both US measurements and Metric measurements using both systems to record data for various objects.  Older students will have a chance to convert everyday measurements from one system to the other.

States of Matter

Young scientists will explore the three states of matter and discover how volume relates to solids, liquids and gases.  Students will use laboratory equipment to measure the volumes of various solids and liquids and explore how gases behave differently than solids and liquids.

Molecular Matter

We will lay the foundation for understanding chemistry by discussing atoms, elements and molecules.  We will do some hands-on model building of some common molecules and explore and compare the molecular properties of various salts.


What is a chemical change?  What is a physical change?  How can I determine if a chemical change has occurred?  These are the questions we will explore and students will conduct experiments to find the answers.

After-School Classes

Our one hour after school classes are available for any day of the week.  We provide hands-on exciting science activities for students who have additional interests in science.  We encourage students to make hypotheses and conduct experiments to develop critical thinking skills.  Students will work individually and in small groups to make new scientific discoveries and generate a little mayhem.  A variety of topics are offered each session so students have the opportunity to discover the subject they love.  Classes are held in 6-week sessions with a maximum class size of 15 students.  The cost is $60/child for each session.

Static Electricity

How is static electricity different from current electricity?  Young scientists will conduct various hands-on experiments to discover just what static electricity is and how it affects our daily lives.

Current Electricity

What is an electrical current?  What are circuits?  We will build various electrical circuits using Snap Circuits kits.  Students will experiment with series circuits and parallel circuits, as well as learn to follow the path of the electrons to troubleshoot their creations.

Alternative Energy

In our modern world we use many different ways to generate electricity.  In this class we will explore several different alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power.  Students will be able to make their own chemical battery during class.


Look at those weeds with a whole new perspective!  In this class we discover the various parts of the plant and go on a field trip to collect samples.  We spend some time exploring and comparing the similarities and differences between different types of plants collected by the students.


Discover the incredible diversity of the insect world.  Learn about what makes a bug an insect, and what makes a spider not an insect!  Students will have a chance to look at actual specimens as well as collect their own live specimens for observation and comparison in the laboratory.


Worms have been given a bad rap.  In this class students will discover the unique traits of earthworms and how they are an important part of our ecosystem on planet Earth.  Live earthworms will be provided for simple and humane experimentation to learn more about these amazing creatures.

Birthday Parties

Let your child celebrate their birthday as a scientist!  We will come to your location and engage the party-goers in captivating scientific experiments and activities.  Any of our classes can be adapted to fit a party of up to 15 children so your birthday boy or girl can choose their favorite topic.  We can also custom design a birthday party for your child’s special interest, just let us know what their favorite science topic is.  If your child loves rockets, space, dinosaurs, trains, animals, insects or whatever, we can plan a science birthday party to remember.  The birthday child will receive a Scientific Mayhem t-shirt as a special remembrance of their party.  It’s our way of saying “thank you for inviting us to celebrate with your child!”

We can design a birthday party for any age, from preschool to post-retirement.  Science never gets boring and there are always new things to discover and more mayhem to make!

The costs for birthday parties are $150 for up to 15 children, $10 each additional child with a maximum of 20.  For an additional fee, we will handle the location arrangements including renting a space, set up and clean up.  All you need to do is bring the food and invite the guests!