Science Events and Shows

If your class, school, youth group, scout group, or business organization is in need of some entertaining yet educational fun, Scientific Mayhem has the right event for you.

Science Events are:

  • Geared towards all ages—folks who are young and young at heart will have a great time.
  • Designed for large audiences—up to several hundred
  • Some science demonstrations
  • Some audience volunteer participation
  • 60 minutes of engaging science experiments—creating a little mayhem the whole time!
  • Standard topics are available OR we will create a custom-designed show just for your group



This is a great indoor and outdoor show exploring the principles of rocketry. Your group will explore the parts of a rocket, why rockets are shaped the way they are, different types of “fuel”, and investigate how fuel relates to the flight. Much of this event can take place inside or outside, but the final rocket launches must take place outside and require a large open space for safety purposes.

Newton’s Discoveries

This show focuses on the contributions made to several fields of science by the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton. His out-of-the-box thinking turned the scientific community upside down during his lifetime and he laid the foundation for much of our modern-day understanding of mathematics, physics and chemistry. We explore gravity, motion, optics and light finally answering the age-old question of “why is the sky blue?”

Fire It Up!

Explore what we know about fire and how it can be used to our advantage as humans. We will discuss and explore the chemistry of fire including the fire triangle, ash and gases produced by a fire, understanding how fire moves and how it relates to real life situations. We will also do some investigating of explosions. Controlled explosions are essential to our way of life today and who doesn’t like a good explosion???!!! This show uses an open flame.

All events are $150. Contact us to schedule your group and you can be confident that everyone will have a good time making some mayhem.